You can Buy from us, But you have to make prior
arrangements with a Federally Licenced Dealer in your area to
receive your purchase.
We will not ship a firearm to anyone who does not have a Federal
Firearm license... Period!
Please email us if you have any questions that are not specifically addressed

All post-1898 firearms purchased must be shipped via U.P.S. to a Federally
licensed firearms dealer or C&R collector with a Class 03 FFL that is ALREADY
ON FILE with us, with payment provided via US Postal Money Order. We DO
NOT ship anything C.O.D.

FFL's can be faxed at 603-437-3077. It is a very good idea to send us a signed
copy of your (or your local transfer dealer's) FFL in advance for our files to
avoid missing out on the item you may want.

We keep all of our web-pages totally up to date in "real time" and everything
listed on them NOT marked as SOLD is very likely still available at this very

When sending payment or a FFL in conjunction with an order PLEASE enclose a
should be obvious, but we get money-orders "out of the blue" quite frequently
with no name on them and we often have no idea what they are for or who they
are from).

We receive several FFL's in the mail each day. If A NOTE WITH YOUR NAME
AND WHAT YOU ARE ORDERING is not attached to your C&R or your
transfer-dealer's FFL, there is almost no way we are going to know it is for your
order and not just a routine copy for our files and a delay will certainly result
and you may even LOSE that item to someone else.  Please also supply your
phone number and (especially) your EMAIL address with your FFL.
Please also make CERTAIN that the signed FFL photocopy you or your dealer
mails us is legible (unfortunately quite a few of the ones we receive are hard to
decipher, which can cause delays and, needless to say, confusion). Also be
certain that the FFL is signed in Blue Ink and done so in the proper place
(above the line under which is printed ORIGINAL SIGNATURE OF LICENSEE)
otherwise it is not valid.  

The UPS tracking # of your parcel will be supplied to you upon request (this is
done automatically for all orders made via e-mail). We will need your e-mail
address, however (if you MAIL your order, please remember to furnish your
E-MAIL address as well).
If you are not going to be home when the parcel is expected we can ship UPS
HOLD FOR PICKUP but only if we have a daytime phone-number for you.  

We will NOT ship firearms to any address not specifically listed on your FFL.  We
realize that this may be an inconvenience for those who work during the day,
but you CAN change your "mailing address" on your license to your work
address (in which case we will ship to you there).  
If you re-route the package for your convenience (such as having UPS deliver it
to your workplace because you are not home during the day) we will charge
you $20 ADDITIONAL because we also get charged for all "address corrections"
by UPS even though it is not our fault and beyond our control.

Order Cancellations:
We know that "stuff happens" occasionally and the funds one maybe thought
they had or could "stretch" sometimes just doesn't co-operate. If you have to
cancel an order you have placed with us before we have shipped it, we will try
to be very understanding, ONCE!

All ordered but unclaimed items will become the property of JR'S after 90 days,
whether paid for or not.

Shipping and insurance charges:

FIRST HANDGUN: $40.00 USPS + $1.00 per $100.00 insurance
50.00 + $1.00 per $100.00 insurance.
New Davidsons firearms are warranted by Davidsons.
New firearms are warranted by the manufacturer.  In the event of a defect, we will send your firearm back to the
manufacturer for repair, at our expense.
There is a 30 day warranty* on all used firearms. Return shipping and insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser.
*Used guns, unless specifically sold on an “as-is” basis, are in shooting condition and are warranted for a period of 30
days to fire, feed, eject, and otherwise function as the manufacturer intended. In the event of a defect, we will, at our
option, either repair the firearm at no charge, or issue a merchandise credit for the full amount of the purchase. Pre-
owned firearms purchased through JRS Gunsmithing may be returned within 5 business days for a full refund, less
shipping costs and transfer fees. The firearm must be returned in the same condition that it was sold or sent. When the
firearm is shipped to a third-party FFL holder, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements to examine the
firearm, and comply with the return policy, while the gun is still in the possession of the FFL holder when federal, state,
or local laws prohibit transfer to the buyer within the 5-day return period, I.E. States with 7 day waiting periods.